The Power of Story

If there is anything the postmodern world is fascinated with it is ‘story’
We are in an age where story creates opportunity and influence.
We are dominated by movies, soaps & documentaries where
stories captivate our imaginations & emotions.
We live in a World of many great social injustices. Yet the two Non-profits
that are dominating social media are A1 (human trafficing) & invisible children (child soldiers).
The truth is that our hearts can’t help but be captivated by story.
A few years ago Susan Boyle rocked the World upside down.
Her story of never been kissed along with her amazing talent changed the World.
In many ways we are suckers for a story.
But not every story. The power of the Story lies in how we tell it.
Stories can inspire, influence, excite or stir up people for a cause.
But only if we communicate the story well.
This isn’t just a ‘Take it or leave it’ decision. This is our responsibility.
Communicating story is the key to captivating hearts.
So how are you framing your story?