How are you training your Child?

In any Christian discussion surrounding raising kids it isn’t long before proverbs 22:6 is eagerly quoted

‘Start a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.’  Proverbs 22:6

It has become the mantra we claim to build our families by; yet so often when it comes to our practices we seem to be completely out of line with our principles.
Through my experience of children’s ministry across the world I have seen different trends and parental practices. Yet a common Christian trend is that the further you move into Westernized society the more choice is given to a child and the less care/training is given by their guardian.
In a bid to not force Christianity down our children’s throats we have softened so much that we allow Children to choose if we go to Church on a given Sunday. In doing so we say that its ok to put your desires before God’s desires.
Even worse we unconsciously teach our children that Church is just an add on in our lives. They can have basketball lessons, wrestling practice, gymnastics or even music lessons once, twice or sometimes even three a week and we wouldn’t allow them to miss even one of them; but when it comes to church once a month will do.
Much worse we seem to leave no place for faith in our family. God is left at Church on Sunday until the next time we visit. We don’t make God apart of the everyday; we just leave it for Sunday! When we don’t make mention of God in our homes we show kids that faith is just fake.
The reality is that Children aren’t stupid. They may nod their head to what you say; but they will always follow what you do. You train your children by the example you lead; or the example you don’t.
The news flash I want to leave you with is that 30 minutes a month in a Church service won’t change your child’s life. You have a responsibility to do more and to be more for your child. 

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