Man vs Wild: Be a Survivor


Man vs Wild is a show that captures the heart of every MAN!

It excites a man’s passion for the outdoors and for sheer survival.

For those of you who haven’t seen it; Bear Grylls gets dumped in essentially

the middle of nowhere and is left alone to fend for himself & fight for survival.

The journey he faces is a long hard slog, made all the harder as he is flying solo.


Sadly I often see in this show a reflection of our World which is full of broken people.

So many people seem to be lost in the middle of nowhere & fighting for survival.

So many people are struggling in life & most are struggling alone.

Finance, pornography, relationships, drugs & alcohol addiction, anger… the list goes on.

Yet I believe there is a better way. A way where we don’t need to struggle to survive day by day.

In my struggles I have found Jesus to be the answer. He has strengthened me & the Church has supported me.


Life alone sucks. But people living Christ-Centred lives together will survive the distance.

So are you in Survival mode?

Are you a little lost & struggling to go on?

What are you going to do about it?





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