POCM Freedom Tour

On April 19 my Aunty, Chrissy Perillo & family, arrive home from the Philippines. She has been a missionary there for 29 years. A ministry which began with a prison ministry but developed into 2 children’s homes, a school and 4 churches. You should read more here..its interesting stuff…  http://www.philippineoutreachcentre.com/#/about-us/4561973213

I just wanted to inform you of some of her schedule incase any of you fancied going to hear her….

13 May – Meadowhead Christian Fellowship, Sheffield (Jonathan Dunning) – Sun AM

20 May – New Life Baptist Church, Northallerton – Sun AM

23 May – Girlfriends @ Xcel centre, Newton Aycliffe – Wed PM

25 May – Hollybush Christian Fellowship (Jim Wilkinson) – Fri PM

27 May – Xcel Centre, Newton Aycliffe (Pst. John Greenow) – Sun AM

17 June – Norwich Family Life church (Trevor Pimlott) – Sun AM

There are others but I don’t know all their details. If you are in any of these areas then please go and check her out.

Lastly Chrissy’s schedule is free for July; so if you know of any good churches that would be interested in having Chrissy come and speak at either a Church service or women’s night then please don’t be afraid to get in touch! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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