Dig a little deeper…

Last Sunday I found myself at a Church down the road from Oswald Twistle.
A group of us were ministering there to an amazing community of people.
A restored community which represented the community it was in perfectly.
There were ex-drug addicts, ex-alcoholics and ex-prisoners.

Before the service began I was approached by a former alcoholic who excitedly

told me & a few others his testimony. In his hand all along was a ‘Joel Osteen’ book

which he held up high saying ‘this guy made me realise I am not an alcoholic anymore.’
I was struck with the thought that Joel Osteen had changed this guys life with the Gospel. A man who
gets ripped to shreds by most bible college students and Church leaders changed this guys life.
I began to realise that we are quick to look at the surface level and make a judgement.
We see the Sunday morning service and make assumptions. More than this we feel like
we are qualified to spread our opinion which is based on ignorance.
Last week Brian Houston visited Lakewood and tweeted that it was an inspirational Church.
I am not saying Joel is perfect, but what he does has a positive impact on peoples lives.
Cynicism isn’t pretty especially when it is rooted in ignorance.
It’s wise to be discerning but only a fool judges a book by its cover.


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