The Hidden Weapon

The hidden weapon the Church holds in this broken World is the Love of God.
When actioned it will lead to restoration and new creation.
But more importantly it radiates everything at the core of the Gospel.
The problem is…it is often hidden.
Do you ever wonder what could happen if we practiced the Love of God in Church community?
Love actioned is loud. Like a fat woman singing at the opera. People hear of it and it takes them by surprise.
We talk a lot about reaching the community. But until we model a community of love for the unbeliever
we will only move them from one mess to another.
When one hurts, we should all hurt. When one rejoices we should all rejoice. When one grieves, we all grieve.
That is the loving community God desires us to model. That is the community which will shine the brightest.
Because whether we hurt, rejoice or grieve. We do it together. We don’t just feel. But we act on how we feel.

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